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“ELİNİ UZAT” Community

While signing many aviation and aerospace projects for the future of Turkey and with nearly 10,000 employees, Turkish Aerospace also works with its “Elini Uzat” volunteer community to turn its time and effort for the greater good by providing hope for a child, food for an animal, a future for a school.

Since April 2019, together with its growing volunteer family, Turkish Aerospace continues to produce and realize projects in many fields.

Projects realized so far:

Financial Support

Elazığ Earthquake
Forest Fires
Members of Turkish Aerospace Family

Renewing Schools
Book Donations
Clothing Donations
Ramadan Box Aid
Retirement Home

Büşra Naz Bozbey

It is a privilege to work at a campus where all amenities exists, ranging from gymnasiums to picnic areas.

Büşra Naz Bozbey

FlightTest Engineer