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You can fill out the form below and send an invitation to host the “Engineering Talks” program at your school so that our experienced engineers and engineering students can inform your students about Turkish Aerospace Industries, engineering, and aviation.
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Demirağ 15-18

DEMİRAĞ 15-18 is a module of the “Future Talents Program” which includes an introduction to Turkish Aerospace Industries and choosing a profession, and received a large number of pre-applications at TEKNOFEST!

Open to the participation of high school students between the ages of 15 and 18, the module aims to inform them further about engineering before they choose a career for themselves. The module’s activities focus on answering questions from future talents about aviation, space, and engineering; guiding them to the academic study of engineering as they are about to choose their professional career; and preparing them for this pursuit.

Engineering Seminars

“Engineering Seminars”bring together high school students from all around Turkey who are about to choose a professional path for themselves and experienced engineers and engineering students from Turkish Aerospace Industries. The program focuses on answering the questions of high school students who plan to be engineers, informing them about engineering professions, and guiding them towards this field.

Career Consultancy

The “Career Consultancy” program is held online and open to participation by senior high school students to help them make the best decisions about their careers.

The “Career Consultancy” program enables senior high school students to meet with the experienced engineers and engineering interns from various disciplines at Turkish Aerospace Industries in order to ask any questions they might have about studying engineering at university and to learn more about the departments.

Technical Field Trip

The “Technical Field Trip” will accept a limited number of participants from around Turkey and will be held at Turkish Aerospace Industries’ facilities in Ankara every spring semester. The event will welcome both future and young talents on different days based on their age groups.

Enriched with stage performances, career booths, and experience areas, the “Technical Field Trip” will enable guests to examine our products closely and to meet our experienced engineers. It will become a memorable event with flights performed by vehicles produced by Turkish Aerospace Industries.