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Turkish Aerospace welcomes experts and successful speakers at the monthly “Yüksektekiler” Talks series which aims to inform employees about a variety of subjects.

Held at the Saim Dilek Conference Hall with catering and featuring many guests, the events are accessible to all employees across campuses thanks to the virtual classroom application. Turkish Aerospace also promises exciting moments with prize quizzes held at the end of each program.

“Aiming High” Talks Guests:

•    Refik Anadol – “From Artificial Intelligence to Visual Feast”
•    Dr. Emir Öngüner – “Bir Avcı Tayyaresi Yapmaya Karar Verdim” (I Decided to Build a Fighter Plane)
•    Cemil Şinasi Tütün – “Blockchain”
•    Dr. Umut Yıldız – “The Undiscovered Mars! Spacecrafts Go on a New Adventure on Mars”
•    Prof. Sinan Canan – “The Password for Happiness”
•    Prof. Tamer Yılmaz – “Innovative Leadership”
•    Bilge Kum - Nuri Demirağ: An Innovator in the First Years of the Republic
•    John Metcalfe - 30 Years in Aviation
•    John Thompson - The Importance of Co-working in Projects
•    Dr. Ömer Turan - Not Everything Is as You Know
•    Saim Dilek - Where the Story Began
•    Steven Young - Technology and the Analysis of Big Data
•    Soner Canko - Digital Transformation and Technology
•    Dr. Mehmet Güllüoğlu - (AFAD President - Natural Disasters and Emergencies)
•    Şule Güner - Implementations of Artificial Intelligence around the World
•    Tansu Yeğen - Automation of the Robotic Process and Artificial Intelligence
•    Uğur Candan - Digital Transformation and Humanity
•    Ozan Onat - Industry 4.0 and Society 5.0
•    Ali Taha Koç - Digital Transformation and Digital Technologies
•    Ruhi Kaykayoğlu- Innovation Engineering
•    Alp Sezginsoy ve Pınar Yarar - Future of Business
•    Dr. Ali Taha Koç - Digital Transformation and Digital Technologies
•    Dr. Eren Koçyiğit - Digital Mindset in the New World
•    Gökhan Say - Cybersecurity

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